Suede Shoes


        The story takes place in Catania, Sicily, around 1960...the years of the economic boom.A group of young intellectuals, university students, are trying to decipher the changes that have taken place in their society at the end of the second world war and that will determine their future. The Ďgroupí... being part of the group, is more important than the family .They all feel more comfortable with each other ,  protected and safe...  and together, sharing hopes and dreams, try to figure out the answers to the eternal questions. Within this context the intense relationship between Nico and Sandra grows stronger although their desire to escape from a world they find suffocating  runs into obstacles.





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Pubblished by: Onyx Editrice



Pubblished by: Onyx Editrice


The Sparrow's Eggs

Two ex schoolmates from Catania meet again after many years.Their lives have taken completely opposite directions. Lillo is an artist who through his paintings and his dreams fights against the ghosts of his past. Saro has become a rich and powerful man. Their meeting leads to a confrontation - a contrast of their different conceptions of life, in a stimulating Rome, early 1970ís.  The outcome is unpredictable.







The Garden of Blue Lemons


A story that confronts the mystery of the double facet of human existance. In its very title ĎThe Garden of Blue Lemonsí and the poem which is its introduction,  this aspect is indicated...and  we are given a possible key to follow, giving us  the hope of understanding this enigma that we call life.


Pubblished by: Ila Palma






      Mirages are optical illusions... At times decptive, like a mirage in the desert can be. Illusions....can  also be errors of the mind. The characters in these stories seem to shun the very perception of reality. As if looking for truths they really donít want to find...They seem  unreal...liars... to a certain extent they are... invented.. by themselves. Out of the fear they have of  facing one another and clarifying the dramas they keep hidden. In fact... isnít this perhaps manís precise drama in todayís world ?  





High Tension


        The story begins in North Africa in1943. The tide of  war is changing and the Anglo-Americans are now regularly defeating the enemy. A series of homicides have ensued among the Italian army soldiers  and a lieutenant, Giulio Berenghi, has become involved in the mysterious events.  A friend of Giulioís goes to Genoa to speak to his family in an attempt to understand the complexities of the situation and here... an incredible thing happens ...



Deadly Ties


A mysteious woman, Kathy, kills two men and leaves behind her clues indicating the killers are their two wives, Stefania and Monica, who are sisters. Both of them are plagued with a sense of guilt for what they did when they were children  to their half- sister Lena, who has been confined to a wheelchair.since a child.











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